Introducing the Common Solution for Sales Intelligence and Engagement

Sales Intelligence Sales Intelligence is a range of tech solutions that provide sales to marketers for prospect and lead. Sales intelligence is a technology that can help sales teams automate research and customize outreach to book more meetings with qualified prospects.

It provides unique insights into customer buying patterns. By analyzing these patterns, it identifies and delivers up-sell, cross-sell and switch-sell opportunities.

Sales Engagement

This is an interaction that occurs between buyers and sellers. It is any action a potential buyer takes on a property or channel owned by the buyer.This technology enables the sales department to efficiently deliver high-quality interactions with prospects and customers and scale.

It helps sellers become more productive, spending time on revenue-generating tasks. It is about using the right tools, workflows, sequence, templates, reminders and tasks.

It is really frustrating when you don’t get the results you were hoping for or something you worked twice as hard for. FlashCloud, brought to you as a complete set of SAS solutions around the discovery reach and conversion of marketing and sales.

This saves you the wearisome and very time-consuming parts of sales work. How, you may ask? Well, to answer your question, here is how we are to use it-

Using Flash Info

1. Create targeted lists with loads of customizable filters–

With 200 million business and 400 million people profiles, utilize sales intelligence and access millions of data points. Moreover, maximize calling and email deliverability and make profits by bagging the deals smoothly.

2. Engage using Flash AI–

This cloud-based call centre assists you in automating your outbound campaigns leveraging AI and cloud communication technologies. Bring SDR on the cloud and cut your costs by up to 80% through cost geo outsourcing.

3. Retain using FlashClick–

Through this, you can manage your partnerships to retain your customers and maximize their loyalty towards you. Provide performance-based incentives for referral to maximize customer LTV.

Increase your sales engagement and intelligence and build relationships. Trusted by leading brands like Myntra, Oppo and H&M. Say hello to better data, more customers and higher revenue.

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