Everything You Need To Know About The Types Of Lip Surgeries

If you are wondering how many types of lip surgery (ทําปากมีกี่แบบ, which is a term in Thai) at present out there, then you’re on the right page as you can get all the details Here. Currently, women and, of course, men are craving have fuller lips. Several celebrities out there have made fuller lips the present trend. People have a question in the back of their minds, like which lip surgery they should go for to get the best possible fuller lips or which implant or lip treatment they should get done. Most of the question is does a person need any temporary or permanent solution. Lip fillers are also a great trend that you can follow. The lip fillers are injections that will help you plump and shape your current lips. Lip implants are completely soft and silicone implants that come in many sizes.

Diverse Types Of Lip Surgeries That You Should Know About

·         Lip Fillers

They are injected into your upper and lower lips, and there are diverse types of fillers available out there. You can connect with your medical experts and choose the one with your style. The medical experts will assess the lips and facial balance during the consultation. The doctor will also take pictures of the current lips to understand the symmetry or the shape of the lips. They will determine which part of the lips needs to be plump or full, and then they will go for the lip fillers. There is also temporary lip augmentation available, so if you are just in the temporary phase of mind where you want red lips, then you should go for this one.

·         Lip Implants

The best alternative to temporary lip filler is the lip implant. It is a permanent option. The doctor will determine the implant size that will work out the best for you, and then they will suggest you. During the procedure, the doctor will first start with sterilising the skin present around the surgical area. Then they will give you anaesthesia, so once your lips become numb, the doctors will start the procedure in each corner of your mouth. The tunnel in your lip would be created by using a tool known as a curved alligator clamp.

Besides this, there are some other procedures also available, including fat grafting and tissue grafting. Depending on your budget and what is good for your lips, doctors will suggest you go with the procedure.

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