Tax Receipt Invoice Is An Authentic Way Of Payment

Normally we purchase so many things from a shopping mall, and when we are about to pay the bill, they hand us a huge list with all the items added with a proper GST and the service tax. So that is called tax invoice receipt (ใบเสร็จรับเงินใบกำกับภาษี, which is the term in Thai). In that receipt, everything is mentioned like

  • Bill Number
  • Date
  • List Of Items
  • Gst Summary

What Is The Difference Between A Receipt And A Tax Receipt Invoice?

Both are more or less similar, but the only difference is after buying any item, they offer you the bill for that particular product by showing that the payment has already been made. But about the invoice, they will add the VAT in it as they are the taxpayers to show that they are collecting the value-added tax from each item.

What Is A Tax Receipt?

 Suppose you called a plumber through a particular company to fix your tap. After the work has been done, he will give you a piece of paper where the company name, registration number, date, and service charges with the valid VAT will be included; that is called a tax invoice receipt. Now it’s not based on the number of goods; if the shop is paying tax, it will take the tax from you if you buy a single thing from them.

People who are not paying value-added tax can generate tax invoice receipts and give only receipts.

Fake Slip

Now, on the other hand, there is a fake transfer slip (สลิปปลอม, term in Thai) who are fraudsters intend to steal your money. Sometimes, we receive messages that a certain amount has been credited to our account, but we have not received any statement from the bank regarding the transaction in our mail or messages. The slip they provide is also quite blurry. So try not to go for it in greed of a bit of money as it’s their trap to take money out of your bank by creating fake transfer slips.

So if you are willing to pay money online, try to do proper research and if anything is suspicious, try to contact your bank before proceeding further.If you are a victim of this type of fraudulent activities, try to contact particular customer support for this.

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