Medjool Dates And Their Incredible Health Benefits

Medjool dates are often called the king of dates because of their large size, unique flavour, and soft texture. They are grown in only a few places worldwide, making them quite rare and expensive. While most states are grown in dry desert-like conditions, module dates thrive in hot, humid climates. These dates palm is native to Morocco and can also be found in Israel, Egypt, Algeria, Palestine, Jordan and Libya.

The Medjool date palm tree is tall, sometimes reaching over 100 feet and 30 meters. Each tree can produce up to 25 pounds and 11 kilograms of fruit yearly. The small number of Medjool date palms and the difficulty of growing them in certain climates make these dates quite rare and expensive. They also have a longer shelf life than other dates, making them more costly to grow and transport. These dates are only produced in certain parts of the world, contributing to their high cost.

Health Benefits Of Dates

This variety of dates is nutritious and has natural sugar in them. Due to their high fibre content, which slows the absorption of carbohydrates and provides you with continuous energy rather than sending your blood sugar through the roof, they have a low to the medium glycemic index score. Additionally, they are low in fat and rich in vitamins and minerals like copper, magnesium, vitamin B6, niacin, calcium, iron, and vitamin K. They contain 50{9cff5d18b6d4b9243ff4632f67e0ba40edeb1186cbe327dd41d5a4f25fbc7352} more potassium than a banana.

How To Eat Medjool Date?

You can eat dates in any way. These Dates have a soft, creamy texture with a rich and almost caramel-like sweetness. Dates have many uses, and you can eat them at every meal. They go well in salads, fish with a bourbon date sauce, coconut date rice packed dates, date caramelised drinks, and breakfast dates as a spread in many flavours.

How Do Store Dates?

You can keep Medjool dates in the pantry, but they will dry out more quickly. For long-term storage, it is preferable to place them in the refrigerator or freezer, where they will stay flavorful and fresh for months. We had the good fortune to select new dates from the date palm tree and consume them. They are simply extraordinary. Among the best fruits, I’ve ever eaten. They are delicious and soft, creamy and rich

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