Everything You Need To Know About Ptosis

Blepharoptosis is commonly known as droopy eyelids, and it is the term that is used to tell everything about the drooping of one or both of your eyelids. The condition can be since birth or develop with time due to trauma, ageing or any other medical conditions. Most patients end up developing this condition with time when the eyelid muscle becomes weak. The condition can be constant or intermittent, or it can even become worse with time. It is the only reason you should consider taking ptosis and dermatochalasis treatment (ศัลยกรรมหนังตาตก, which is the term in Thai) in time so that you are doing good for yourself.

Conditions To Keep In Your Mind While Analyzing A Drooping Eyelid

·         Dermatochalasis

It is known as baggy eyes due to excessive skin or the fat deposited on your eyes’ upper skin or lower lid. Eyelid drooping can happen, provided there is a lot of excess skin or fat on the upper eyelid part. You might experience different degrees of this situation. At times patients go through mild or moderate conditions. Some of the severe cases can lead to changes in vision and might also require surgical operations for

·         Brow Ptosis

It is mainly the drooping of the eyebrows, which is a crucial step while evaluating the drooping eyelid. The drooping eyelid will result when the brow descends to the lower part. The condition can also exist with both dermatochalasis and ptosis.

·         Diagnosis Of The Drooping Eyelid Condition

The doctor might suggest you undergo some tests after completing the medical history check. The doctor might want to check the sit lamp test or any other visual field test to understand the major cause of eyelid drooping.

·         Set Lamp Test

The sit lamp test uses a power microscope or high-intensity light source that allows the doctors to understand the eyes, especially the cornea and the eyelids. Drops would be placed in the eyes to dilate your pupils, which might lead to some discomfort. This examination is repeated using another lens which is held close to your eye so the back of the eye can be examined well.

·         Visual Field Test

The visual field is about the total area where the objects would be seen in the peripheral vision. Well, the focus of the eyes on the crucial point is always there. The eye exam will help you understand the vision deficiencies in the visual field.

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