Where to buy blue roses in Singapore

Many gift options are given when celebrating special moments, such as giving certain items your partner wants, or the most often chosen gift is a beautiful flower bouquet. Various flowers are identical to be chosen and given as gifts, one of which is roses. Its beautiful shape and different attractive colors make people fall in love with this flower.

Roses are one of the most popular flowers for table bouquets or bouquets. In western culture, the rose is a symbol of love and beauty. A bouquet of roses is associated with love, beauty, romance, and friendship. With a sweet fragrance, a bouquet of roses can be used as the right gift for your special day.

There are various colors of roses, and we are used to seeing red or white roses. But have you ever seen a blue rose?

Blue Roses Singapore

Blue roses are not created naturally because roses cannot produce blue pigment. The blue color is produced by complicated genetic experiments.

The blue color in roses is produced by the cross-breeding process to have a blue color. As we know, roses have no natural blue pigment during the natural fertilization process. A blue rose is simply a white rose dipped in a blue liquid-like dye to produce blue petals. There are also imitation roses produced by the traditional mixing of offspring. This method is done by grafting a blue pigment from another flower. But in this way, the researchers say that the color is more like magenta than blue.

However, although the color of blue roses is not natural, this beautiful flower still has a hidden meaning.

Meaning of blue rose

  1. Mysterious

Blue roses have a mysterious meaning because, as mentioned earlier, they shouldn’t exist. If someone receives a blue rose, they may have a secret admirer.

  1. Unique

We can easily find different red, white and pink roses, but not blue ones. This unique and beautiful flower is a type of rose that is rare to find, so the price is also high. Real blue roses are usually hydrangea blue or blue iris roses.

The blue color is known to give off an effect of calm and stunning beauty.

When you give blue roses to your lover, you can also convey the message’s meaning to the person you are giving these blue roses to.

Blue roses mean unique and rare roses, so you can convey that this person is a unique and different person that will make your life more meaningful with them.

  1. New Hope

Blue roses bring an atmosphere of enthusiasm and new hope for the failures we have encountered before. A blue rose can convey our determination and confidence for the new opportunities that we will encounter. So that, in the future, we can go through it without fail.

  1. Symbol of loyalty, commitment, and serenity

Blue is a symbol of loyalty, commitment, and wisdom. In addition, like the blue sky and blue ocean, blue roses symbolize peace of mind. This color is very suitable to be given to a partner as a form of prayer during a relationship.

  1. Expecting miracles and denying impossibility

Usually, roses grow in nature, but none of the blue roses grow naturally because roses do not have a blue genetic variant. Therefore, blue roses symbolize something impossible to achieve, something unattainable that will only remain a dream that can never be realized. When in love, blue roses can bring hope to the person that is impossible or unrequited. In that way, it can signify someone waiting for hope for a miracle.

Therefore, the blue rose is impossible to achieve, something that cannot be reached, which will only remain a dream that can never be realized. But through human efforts, something can happen.

Therefore, blue roses can be interpreted as an expression of hope for realizing something impossible.

When you are giving consolation to a friend or partner who is in a difficult situation, you can provide support with blue roses as a symbol of hope that is still considered impossible.

When to give blue roses bouquet?

As already mentioned, blue roses have a mysterious appearance. Their rare presence makes blue roses a great gift to appreciate the special people in our lives.

 The combination of roses and blue is the right combination to celebrate romantic moments as a symbol of prayer so that the relationship is filled with serenity and loyalty between the couple.

Since blue roses also represent true or unrequited love, so they are great for love interests and for showing one’s affection and appreciation.

What is the right occasion to give out blue roses?

Some suitable occasions for giving blue roses are:

– birthday

– graduation

– Just because: Show someone that you care about them.

– Congratulations on art-related activities: Blue roses are a great gift for an actor, writer, musician, or artist at the time of their release or exhibition.

Where to buy blue roses in Singapore?

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