What Are The Best Proven Ways To Choose The Right Exterior House Paint?

Painting a room can look daunting but not as intimidating as selecting the right exterior house paint. Narrowing down the options for exterior house colour can be downright stressful in all aspects; financial, aesthetic appeal, time, etc. But luckily there are expert-suggested tips to pick the right colour option.

Shortlisting Exterior House Paint Options

Picking the right colour shade for your house shouldn’t have to be challenging, as here is a round-up of all the best tricks.

Determine Your House Style And Its Locality

Though there’s no hard-and-fast rule that you have to select the traditional route, considering your home style will help make the colour selection easier. For ranch-style homes, an exclusive selection of pastels might not prove a matching fit.

 On contrary, even the bold colours might feel a little exaggerated for a Victorian-style house. Just like your home style, even the neighbourhood should provide the best insight into what colour to choose.

Take Inspiration From The Houses You Cross By Everyday

If you are determined on shortlisting the colour possibilities, then consider taking inspiration from all the houses you drove by so far. Get help from different lifestyle magazines and read blogs on exterior house paint (สีทาบ้านภายนอก, which is the term in Thai). Taking cues, ideas and inspirations from different places doesn’t hurt anyhow and can rather make you feel confident.

Avoid Getting Carried Away With Trends

Furniture, shoes, clothes, and home colours are always subject to the trends. The major evidence of the same is that people dislike painting their house exterior brown since the trend is long gone. Similarly, upon choosing a particular trend for some time, you might end up regretting later on why you did it.

Refer To The Colour Wheel Rules

Most successful exterior home paint combinations rely on three colours; the dominant shade followed by two hues including a richer and a brighter one. When you are confused as to what paint colour to choose, you can always fall back on the colour wheel guideline.

Colours belonging to the same family like the different shades of grey for instance work great and are known as monochromatic. The colours that work great together as well as contrast are known as complementary hues.

Now whatever colour you pick, make sure you seek samples in larger swaths. View the colours at different times throughout the day both under the sun and in the moonlight to determine which will be the best for your house exterior. This way you can select the right house exterior colour.

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